Our company produces a wide range of products made of copper alloys: extruded and drawn rods as well as drawn wire of round, square, rectangular and hexagonal sections, profiles, cast billets and ingots.

Distinctive features of copper semi-finished products:
◉ High electrical and thermal conductivity;
◉ Plasticity;
◉ Corrosion resistance;
◉ Resistance to pressure difference;
◉ Long operating life.

Due to these qualities, copper alloy products are used in electrical, mechanical and instrument engineering, automotive and cable industries, telecommunications, power industry and other fields.


✓    All our products meet requirements of local and international standards, including GOST, technical specifications, DIN EN.
✓    Quality is controlled by the factory laboratory
✓    Large production capacities allow us to produce the order within a reasonable time
✓    Flexible technical capabilities allow us to produce products according to the unique requirements of the customer

In order to place an order, please, select desired items in the table, and click the "order" button. A filter system is set up for your convenience.

If you need products with some special technical requirements, please, contact us in order to discuss the terms of individual order.

  • Bus-bars
  • Rods
  • Profiles, Collector strips
  • Wires
  • Billets
Product Product
Size, mm Note Select
Bus-bars Cu-ETP EN 13601
a=4-20 b=12,5-120
Rods Cu-ETP EN 13601
Profiles, Collector strips Cu-ETP EN 13605
Wires Cu-ETP EN 13601
Bus-bars Cu-OF EN 13601
Rods Cu-OF EN 13601
Profiles, Collector strips Cu-OF EN 13605
Wires Cu-OF EN 13601
Rods CuCr1 EN 12167
Billets CuCr1
150-243, 250, 295
Rods CuCr1Zr EN 12163
Bus-bars CuCr1Zr
163, 190
Rods CuCo2Be EN 12163
Bus-bars CuCo2Be
all sizes on request
Billets CuCo2Be
Bus-bars CuCoNi1Be EN 12167